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Aukey MFi USB-A to Lightning Cable (6.6ft) (CB-BAL2)-Red-Brand New

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Buy Aukey MFi USB-A to Lightning Cable (6.6ft) (CB-BAL2) in Pakistan

Are you tired of flimsy lightning cables that break easily and fail to deliver a fast charging experience? Look no further because the Aukey MFi USB-A to Lightning Cable (6.6ft) (CB-BAL2) is here to revolutionize your charging routine with its outstanding features and unbeatable performance. Let’s dive into the exciting details.

Superior Durability

With our CB-BAL2 cable, durability takes center stage. Constructed with Nylon, this cable withstands your busy lifestyle’s daily wear and tear. Say goodbye to frayed ends and broken connectors, as this cable boasts a sturdy build that ensures longevity. If you use it carefully, you can expect a long life from this charging cable.

Lightning-Fast Charging

Aukey understands the value of your time, so they’ve designed the CB-BAL2 cable to deliver lightning-speed charging. Whether you’re powering up your iPhone, iPad, or AirPods, this cable maximizes charging efficiency. 

Amazing Transfer Speeds

In addition to using the cable for charging, it’s also used for transferring data. Even though it isn’t an issue nowadays, transferring files from the phone to the laptop was very important when looking at older iPhones. You might need to transfer files to make space in the phone. That’s why Aukey has ensured this amazing charging cable comes with up to 480 Mbps transfer speeds. In minutes, you can easily transfer any large file from your iPhone to your laptop.

Optimal Length

Aukey understands that cable length matters, especially when charging your device. The CB-BAL2’s 6.6ft length is more than enough for anyone who wants to charge and use the device simultaneously. It also allows you to comfortably use your device while staying connected to a power source. Whether relaxing on the couch or working at your desk, this cable offers the necessary freedom.


With the CB-BAL2 cable, forget about connection issues and intermittent charging. Equipped with amazing connectors, this cable establishes a solid and secure connection to your devices, ensuring a stable power flow. No more interruptions or frustration. Just reliable charging whenever you need it.

Tangle-Free Design

The CB-BAL2 has a tangle-free design that minimizes knots and keeps your cable neat and organized. Whether on the go or storing it in your bag, you can retrieve the cable effortlessly without wasting time untangling it.

Overall, the Aukey MFi USB-A to Lightning Cable (6.6ft) (CB-BAL2) is a game-changer in the charging world. Its superior durability, lightning-fast charging capabilities, optimal length, and tangle-free design make it the ultimate companion for all your Apple devices. With amazing features like these, it’s easy to justify the Aukey MFi USB-A to Lightning Cable (6.6ft) (CB-BAL2) price in Pakistan.

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