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Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh-Black-Brand New

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Buy Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh in Pakistan

Hey there, power-hungry pals. Need a portable power solution that’s as tough as nails and as stylish as your favorite pair of sneakers? Look no further because we’ve got something epic to show you – the Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh.

Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh Stunning & Durable Design

Do you know how some power banks look like they’re just waiting to crack at the slightest drop? Not this one. This Baseus power bank is built with a sturdy metal shielding material that can withstand the rough and tumble of your adventurous lifestyle. Not only does it protect the precious tech inside, but it also rocks an ultra-modern design that’ll make heads turn wherever you go. Talk about the perfect blend of strength and style.

Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh Battery Capacity

With a huge 20000mAh battery, you’re getting an amazing power bank that can keep your devices juiced up for days on end. Whether it’s your mobile phone, tablet, or even headphones, the Baseus Adaman has got you covered.

Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh Digital Display

One thing that sets this bad boy apart is its digital display. Yeah, you heard it right; it’s got a display like your fancy smart watch. This nifty feature shows you exactly how much juice is left in the tank, so you can plan your charging sessions accordingly. No more guessing games, just crystal-clear info.

Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh Quick Charging

Waiting for hours to charge your smart devices is not any person’s style. That’s why Baseus got you Two-Way Quick Charge technology packed in here. The Baseus Adaman can charge up at a blazing 30W speed, and it can dish out rapid-fire charging to your smart devices too. Just connect and boom, your smart device is back in action in no time.

Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh Certification

Hey, Baseus cares about your safety as much as you do. That’s why the Baseus Adaman comes with the coveted RoHS, CE, and FCC certifications. It’s like a seal of approval from the power bank gods, guaranteeing that your charging experiences will be safe and sound.

Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh Type-C In & Out

Baseus is all about versatility, folks. The Type-C input supports various power options, including 5V/3A, 9V/3A, and 12V/2.5A. And the Type-C output is just as impressive, offering 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 5V/2A, and a whopping 20V/1.5A. No matter what devices you have, the Baseus Adaman has the power to handle them.

Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh Double USB Output

Sometimes you need to be a charging superhero for your friends, too, right? The Baseus Adaman’s got your back with its dual USB outputs. So whether it’s your buddy’s phone or that wireless earbud case you borrowed, you can charge them up effortlessly.

So there you have it, folks – the Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh, your ultimate charging companion. With its rugged design, digital display, quick-charging superpowers, and multiple output options, it’s ready to keep your gadgets charged up and ready for action wherever you go. With amazing features like these, it’s easy to justify the Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh price in Pakistan.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab yours now, and let’s power up your world. Order this amazing Baseus power bank from ZMobiles for the best price today. In addition to that, we have a huge collection of amazing smart devices like Charging cables and Headphones, so do check them out.


Here are some Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank 20000mAh FAQs.

1. How much capacity does the Baseus Adaman 30W Power Bank have?

The Baseus Adaman boasts an impressive 20000mAh battery capacity.

2. Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously with the Baseus Adaman power bank?

Absolutely! The Baseus Adaman comes with double USB and USB Type-C ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

3. Does the Baseus Adaman support fast charging?

Yes, it does! The Baseus Adaman is equipped with Two-Way Quick Charge technology, ensuring rapid charging for both the power bank itself (up to 30W) and your connected devices.

4. Is the Baseus Adaman power bank safe to use?

Absolutely! The Baseus Adaman is certified with RoHS, CE, and FCC, ensuring it meets strict safety standards.

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