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Baseus Planet 2in1 Cable Winder Wireless Charger-White-Brand New

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Buy Baseus Planet 2in1 Cable Winder Wireless Charger in Pakistan

Every now and then, you might face the issue of wirelessly charging both your smartphone and a smartwatch at the same time. Most people go for a wired charger for their phone, but ever since wireless charging started coming out, more and more people have shifted away from wired chargers. This leaves you with the option of charging one device at a time, but it can be time-consuming, and we all know that “Time is money.” That’s why Baseus is going to help you with this particular predicament with Baseus Planet 2in1 Cable Winder Wireless Charger.

Upon its first release, people went nuts over it because they had the option to charge both devices at the same time. No matter if you have the latest Apple or Samsung mobile phones and smartwatches, this is the perfect wireless charger for them. One interesting thing about the wireless charger is that you can charge your watches in two orientations. The first one is the normal flat orientation in which you open the strap and lay it on the pad. The other orientation is with closed straps. Just change the orientation of the ring in the middle of the smartwatch pad and connect your watch to it.

The input interface for this wireless charger is Type-C to give as much power as possible. The maximum input that this charger can handle is 9V/2A or 12V/2A. It is recommended that you use a standard adapter to supply power to the pads. It weighs 172 g overall, which is pretty reasonable considering it can charge two devices at once. Plus, the durability of this wireless charger is nothing to scoff at because it’s made using PC, TPU, and silicone.

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