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Baseus Tungsten Gold 3in1 Fast Charging Data Cable USB to M+L+C 3.5A 1.5m-Black-Brand New

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Charging Cable
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Buy Baseus Tungsten Gold 3in1 Fast Charging Data Cable USB to M+L+C 3.5A 1.5m in Pakistan:

Everyone likes an all-in-one experience, no matter what they’re doing. Be it using a mobile phone to charge it, if you, as the user, can perform multiple tasks with it, then you’re going to like it. Speaking of charging several things at once, there are several situations where it comes to pass. You’re on a trip and want to charge a few of your devices at once, but you have only one charger available. Luckily, this issue has been resolved by Baseus because they’ve created the Baseus Tungsten Gold 3in1 Fast Charging Data Cable, which is capable of charging multiple devices at once.

At one end of the cable, you have a USB-A connector that goes into a charger or a power bank, while on the opposite side, there are 3 different connectors. The first is the C-type connector, the second is a micro-USB connector, and the last one is a lightning connector to charge iPhones. Most mainstream devices can be charged using this charging cable which makes it a perfect traveling companion.

The length of the cable is 1.5 m which is more than enough to keep all of the devices apart while charging them. This is very helpful because you don’t want devices charging in an uncomfortable position because it can harm both the cable and the charging port. The cable is made using 3 different types of material, which are aluminum, nylon, and TPE. All of these materials not only provide great recyclability but also make the cable durable enough that it won’t break easily. You can use this cable for both charging purposes and transferring data from one device to the other.

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