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itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26-Black-Brand New

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Buy Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 in Pakistan

Ready to dive into a world of charging like you’ve never experienced before? Buckle up because we’re about to introduce you to the Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26, the superhero of charging cables. Let’s go over all the features that make this Itel charging cable so great.

Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 Impressive Output

Let’s cut to the chase; we’re talking about a data cable that charges your devices faster than you can say “energize.” With an impressive output of 5V 2.1A, the ICD 26 is like a race car for your gadgets, zipping up their batteries in no time. No more waiting around for hours because your devices deserve a speedier, snappier recharge.

Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 Durability

Have you ever had those moments when your charging cable decides to play hide-and-seek under your couch or gets tangled in ways that defy the laws of physics? We get it, and that’s why we’ve crafted the Itel ICD 26 to be tougher than a bulldog wearing body armor. The reinforced connectors and sturdy build ensure that this cable can handle the twists and turns of your daily life without breaking a sweat (or a wire).

Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 Type-C Connector

Say goodbye to the days of fumbling around to find the right side up; the ICD 26 comes equipped with a Type-C connector that’s reversible. It’s like the cable can read your mind and always fits perfectly on the first try. And guess what? Type-C isn’t just about convenience. It’s also the technology of the future, ensuring faster data transfer and more efficient charging.

Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 Ample Length

We’ve all been there, sitting awkwardly beside the power socket because your charging cable was too short to let you use your device comfortably. With a generous 1-meter length, this Itel charging cable lets you stretch out, relax, and use your device while it powers up. You can even enjoy a Netflix binge without worrying about the cable suddenly giving up on you.

Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 Compatibility

Whether you’re team Android, team Apple, or team “I’ve got a bit of everything,” the ICD 26 is the ultimate compatibility champion. Its Type-C magic works seamlessly with various devices, ensuring that you can share the charging love with your friends and family, no matter what device they have.

So there you have it, the Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 – your new sidekick in the world of charging. With its supercharged speed, durability, and user-friendly features, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. With amazing features like these, it’s easy to justify the Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 price in Pakistan.

So, why wait? Say goodbye to the sluggish charging of the past and embrace the lightning-fast future with the ICD 26. Order now from ZMobiles for the best price today. In addition to that, we have a huge collection of amazing accessories like chargers and power banks, so do check them out.


Here are some Itel Strong Fast Charging Data Cable ICD 26 FAQs.

1. What devices is the Itel ICD 26 compatible with?

The Itel ICD 26 features a Type-C connector, making it compatible with various devices. These devices include Android mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices that support Type-C charging.

2. How fast does the ICD 26 charge my devices?

The ICD 26 delivers an impressive output of 5V 2.1A, ensuring a speedy and efficient charging process for your devices. Say goodbye to long waiting times.

3. Is the Itel ICD 26 durable enough to withstand daily use?

Absolutely! The ICD 26 is built to be tough and resilient. Its reinforced connectors and sturdy construction are designed to handle the wear and tear of your everyday life without compromising on performance.

4. Can I use the ICD 26 to transfer data between devices?

Yes, you can! Apart from its fast charging capabilities, the ICD 26 is also a data cable, allowing you to transfer files between devices with ease.

5. How long is the Itel ICD 26 cable?

The ICD 26 comes with a 1-meter (approximately 3.28 feet) cable length. This provides you with ample flexibility to use your device comfortably while it charges without feeling tied to the power socket.

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