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OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger-White-Brand New

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Charging Cable
Ejector Pin


Buy OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger in Pakistan

Get ready to supercharge your charging experience with the OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger. We’re going over all of the features of this OnePlus charger to give you the lowdown on why it’s an absolute game-changer.

OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger Lightning Speed Charge

You know that feeling when you’re low on battery and need to head out in a jiffy? Well, worry not because the OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger has your back. It’s like a speedster for your devices, juicing them up in 30 minutes. Say goodbye to those endless hours waiting for your smart devices to power up; this OnePlus charger is your new best friend in the fast lane.

OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger Wide Compatibility

Now, let’s talk about compatibility. This nifty OnePlus charger is tailor-made for several OnePlus models: 3, 3T, 5, 5T, 6, and 6T. It’s like a universal translator for charging cables, ensuring your devices get exactly what they need without hiccups. No more digging through drawers to find the right charger; this one-size-fits-many solution has got you covered.

OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger USB Type C

Ah, the USB Type C connector is a true game-changer in the charging world. With its reversible design, plugging in your charger has never been easier. And guess what? The OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger comes with a USB Type C cable. It’s like the ultimate power couple, delivering lightning-fast charge speeds conveniently. No more fumbling in the dark to figure out which way to plug it in.

OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger Short Circuit Protection

We get it; safety matters. That’s why this OnePlus charger comes equipped with short-circuit protection. It’s like having a guardian angel that watches over your devices while they charge. If any unexpected mishaps pop up, this feature kicks in to keep things running smoothly. So go ahead and charge with peace of mind, the OnePlus 20W Fast Dash Charger’s got your back.

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