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Samsung 65W Trio Super Fast Wall Adapter-Black-Brand New

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Charging Cable
Ejector Pin


Buy Samsung 65W Trio Super Fast Wall Adapter in Pakistan:

From smartphones to power banks, we have tons of smart devices that we need to charge every now and then. It is sometimes necessary to charge multiple devices at the same time, but you have only one charger or power socket available. This can lead to quite a few issues, the main one being that you have to go somewhere else. Luckily, Samsung has solved this particular issue with the Samsung 65W Trio Super Fast Wall Adapter. Now you have the option to charge 3 devices at the same time. This is a dream come true for travelers who’re a move and want to charge any of their devices quickly. 

Some might think that it’s only compatible with only devices made by Samsung, but if you own any smart device compatible with 65W charging, then you can take full advantage of it. The devices themselves can be anything from smartphones to earbuds that you can charge. The dimension of this particular charging brick is 52 x 30 x 96.9 mm, which might seem like a lot, but when you realize how many devices it charges at the same time at fast speeds, you’ll love it. The reason behind it is that you won’t need to carry multiple chargers for every device, which will take up even more space. The weight of the charger is also quite reasonable at 157 grams. 

However, keep in mind that not all ports will output 65W of power, or the output of the 65W port will be consistent. Depending upon which port, you can receive different watts. The USB-A type port can give up to 15W, the C-type port above it can give up to 25W, and at the very top, you’ll get another C-type port that can output 65W. So, when charging multiple devices, choose wisely which device needs to charge through which port.

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