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Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Black Brand New

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Buy Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse in Pakistan

If you’re searching for a gaming mouse that’s not just another smart device, let me introduce you to the Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse. This Xtrike gaming mouse is not just your average mouse; it’s your ultimate sidekick in conquering virtual realms and achieving those epic victories. Let’s dive into the amazing features that make the GM-512 stand out.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Optical Sensor

Get ready to experience gaming precision like never before, thanks to the optical sensor packed into the GM-512. This sensor is finely tuned to deliver pixel-perfect accuracy, ensuring that every move you make translates to in-game excellence. Whether lining up that headshot or dodging enemy fire, this sensor has your back.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Adjustable DPI

The GM-512 doesn’t just settle for one DPI setting. Oh no, it’s got 6. With DPI options ranging from a steady 800 to a lightning-fast 6400, you can customize your mouse’s sensitivity. Whether you prefer low sensitivity for precise sniping or high sensitivity for quick maneuvers, this mouse has you covered.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Buttons

Why limit yourself when you can dominate with a total of 7 buttons? Customize your gaming setup by assigning your most-used actions, macros, or spells to these buttons for lightning-fast execution. From launching devastating attacks to seamlessly building structures, these buttons are your ticket to total control.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Durability

Xtrike knows that you will be clicking like there’s no tomorrow in the heat of battle. That’s why they’ve equipped this Xtrike gaming mouse with switches rated for three million clicks. Go ahead, click away. Your mouse will be right there with you, delivering responsive and reliable performance every time.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse RGB Backlight

Who says gaming gear can’t be stylish? The GM-512 boasts an RGB backlight that isn’t just eye-catching. Choose from various colors and lighting effects to match your setup’s aesthetic or in-game mood. The RGB backlight isn’t just a visual treat; it’s an extension of your personality on the battlefield.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Seamless Connectivity

Plug-and-play simplicity meets high-speed connectivity with the Xtrike gaming mouse’s USB 2.0 interface. Just plug it in the USB port, and you’re ready. This gaming mouse respects your time, so you can return to what matters most: dominating your opponents.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Long Cable

You’re in a critical moment, and suddenly your mouse cable feels like a restraint. Not anymore, because the GM-512’s 1.5m cable gives you ample room to move and groove without feeling tethered. Your gameplay will flow smoother than ever, ensuring that your mouse’s cable never gets in the way of your next legendary play.

Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse Compatibility

Worried about compatibility? Don’t be because this Xtrike gaming mouse has your back with support for Windows 7 and newer operating systems. Whether a Windows 7 die-hard or rocking the latest Windows version, this gaming mouse is ready to team up and take down any challenges you throw.

In a world where gaming mice are a dime a dozen, the Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse rises above the rest. Every feature is designed to enhance your gaming prowess, from its precision optical sensor to its RGB backlight. With amazing features like these, it’s easy to justify the Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse price in Pakistan.

So go ahead, and level up your gaming setup with the GM-512 because your next victory awaits. Order this amazing Xtrike gaming mouse from Wise Market Pakistan for the best price today. We also have several amazing gaming devices like mouse pads and gaming keyboards, so do check them out.


Here are some Xtrike Me GM-512 Wired Gaming Mouse FAQs.

1. What is the DPI range of the Xtrike Me GM-512 mouse?

The GM-512 offers an impressive range of DPI settings, starting from 800 and going up to 6400 DPI. 

2. How many buttons does the GM-512 mouse have?

The Xtrike Me GM-512 comes equipped with 7 buttons. 

3. What is the lifespan of the mouse’s switches?

The GM-512 is built to withstand intensive gaming sessions. Its switches are rated for an impressive 3 million clicks, ensuring your mouse remains responsive and reliable over extended periods of gameplay. 

4. Is the GM-512 mouse compatible with Mac systems?

The Xtrike Me GM-512 mouse is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Windows operating systems. It offers compatibility with Windows 7 and newer versions.

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