About Us

How Do We Make a difference

We promote the culture of recycling and reusing old, pre-owned, and used smart devices. If these types of devices are simply thrown away, it could be very detrimental to the overall environment. That’s why we sell used mobile phones, thereby helping the environment by removing e-waste and offering top-notch devices at some of the most affordable prices.

1000+ Products:
From smartphones to smartwatches, we have it all.

100+ Brands:
All the premium brands are available on this site.

10+ Categories:
We’re not limited to only one type of product.

1000+ Successful Orders:
Already have more than 1000+ successfully delivered orders.

Our Business Model
Each year, around 50 million tons of e-waste is produced, and thanks to the constant stream of new & upgraded smart devices and their reckless disposal, these numbers are only going to rise. We don’t realize that each device has a carbon footprint that exacts its price from Mother Nature. We aim to dent this footprint by encouraging refurbished mobile phones, thereby cutting the demand for new ones.

Why Choose ZMobiles?
There are many mobile phones and other gadget sellers in the Pakistani market. However, we are ahead of our competitors because of our superior customer service and commitment to quality. And it’s not just a mere slogan as we offer the following unparalleled and industry-leading facilities to our customers. Not to mention some of the lowest prices in Pakistan that you’ll see anywhere else.

Great Value
ZMobiles offers its mobile phones at the most competitive price possible. You get your full money’s worth in the best possible way. No more searching for the best price in Pakistan because you’ll find the best only on ZMobiles.

Dependable Vendor Network
ZMobiles procures 90% of its stock within Pakistan through its local partners. It has a reliable network of dealers and distributors to maintain healthy stocks.

Free Express Parcel Shipments
Whether you live in metros or the suburbs, you will get a free shipment via courier anywhere in Pakistan. It is another great advantage because you, the customer, won’t have to pay any delivery charges.

How Do We Give the Best Price Guarantee:
We at ZMobiles PK believe the environment is something to be cherished. That’s why by utilizing used mobile phones, not only do we keep unnecessary pollution at bay but also sell amazing smartphones at the best prices. 

However, this isn’t only limited to mobile phones. We also offer some of the best and lowest prices for all of the new smart devices. Be it tablets, laptops, or even gaming consoles, you’ll find that prices are some of the lowest ones you’ll find in the market.

The main contributing factors that help to keep our prices so low are as follows.

  • 14 day check warranty for all devices
  • Similar cosmetic condition
  • Free shipping (no additional charges to the device)

In addition to these services, we also have reliable customer support. However, the most important factor that plays a role in low prices is you, the customer. We understand that it’s becoming more & more difficult for an average person to get an amazing device. That’s why make sure that you get the best possible prices for all of the devices.

Shop With Confidence
ZMobiles provides an industry-leading money-back guarantee of 14 days on all its products. It means you can return the product within 2 weeks of its purchase if there is some sort of fault with the device/product. We will provide you with a refund of the product. For more information regarding this topic, check the Shipping Information and Return Policy pages.

Proud to Be a Pakistani Online Store
ZMobiles is proud of its Pakistani origin and ownership. It is a business that stays close to its roots and serves its customers with the zeal & passion that is purely and uniquely Pakistan.

Quality Assurance
Maintaining quality assurance of used mobile phones is our main priority. Our technicians & engineers check every used or pre-owned phone for possible errors or defects. Only once the device is free from any fault do they give it their seal of approval.

Help Centre
You are welcome to contact us via email or phone call. Our support staff is available to assist you. Throughout the year, ZMobiles provides active customer support to its clients.

Guaranteed Quality
Our in-house engineers and technicians painstakingly check every used or pre-owned mobile phone for possible errors or defects. They ensure that every smartphone is free from any fault and then give it their seal of approval for sale.