Privacy Policy

Here is the preliminary confidential document to protect the information of the parties and employees attached to Zmobiles Pakistan.

Policy Brief & Purpose:
We are strictly careful in keeping the data of our allies (employees, stakeholders, customers, and other parties) in secrecy. We work with the claim assurance and confidence that the data we collect remains in safe slots and its usage is need-based.

Our defined policy includes our associates (i.e., employees, job candidates, customers, etc.), and the record they provide is on top of our protection priority.

Who is covered under the Data Protection Policy?

This policy mainly concerns company employees to follow the privacy terms. On a general note, it tends to add all of the parties connected to us, which includes the following: 

  • Partners
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Outsider individuals
  • Consumers

Policy Elements:
Factors to build our policy elements indulge the information we gather from related entities on behalf of our company policy. This information is used for a person’s identification via names, usernames, addresses, passwords, digital footprints, financial data, etc. This information is highly confidential & secured with us with the will of interested parties. 

Our Data Will Be:
Gathered information meets the company’s policies & liabilities for lawful usage when required. Any illegal access to the data is prohibited. That’s why all of it is secured with a proper security network.

Our Data Will Not Be:

  • Separate from informal communication. 
  • Recorded many times without a countable limit. 
  • Shared with organizations, states, or countries having no policies. 
  • Provided to the parties apart from those on the same line with company rules (Exception for law enforcement agencies with legitimate requests).

Company Data Responsibility:
The company is responsible for the data of those individuals from which it is taken. Allow them to know where it can be used & add to their information about the approaching party. Data owners can access and request to modify their data.

We have directions to follow to develop a security plan: 

  • Keep away unknown hands and supervise the given access. 
  • Developing the system to collect accurate data. 
  • Employees should be trained in online privacy and security systems. 
  • Create network security to save the data from cyber-attacks.

We involve the contract clauses or statements of communications to display how we protect the data. Launch the activities that involve data protection (shredding of data, secure locks, data encryption, access authorization, frequent backups, etc). 

Disciplinary Consequences:
Following the disclosed rules & terms firmly in this policy. Guidelines at the breach are set to welcome every possible action against any illegal activity.

This is a confidential website filling all legal rights and authentications. You are supposed to follow the conditions driven by the company for buying and selling; claiming the rights of authority is prohibited. Our ownership goes with the described terms and has the capacity to terminate the terms without any notification. If you face any queries, you are free to contact our customer support system for acute fixation. If you don’t obey the stated terms and conditions, you can terminate your business relationship with us by leaving the platform.

Withholding details about mobile phones (prices, photos, and other information) available on our website are under our property/ownership, and we have the claim for the copyrights in this regard. Anyone/you do not have access to this information without ZMobiles permission to use or imitate the above-described data. If you go against it, your shopping subscription from our online store will be dismissed without any delay. Modification of the ZMobiles interface from anybody is highly prohibited. Any illicit attempt toward the data will be taken strictly into action. If we noticed hacking at our database or the entire website, the responsive one would face legal behavior for this unlawful act.

“Our displayed information, data, or details can be outdated, but we can assure you any missing update is accessible by contacting our customer support.”