Since the used smartphones are pre-owned devices that have already been in use before you buy them, it means that they won’t come with the same warranty that the manufacturer offers.

Additionally, used mobile phones must go through the testing process, where it is ensured that the device is fully functional. 

Special Note: Please make a video of opening the packaging flier and unboxing the device so in case of any claims, there is no ambiguity or issue from the customer’s end.

You can get a warranty claim directly from our support team if you’re having issues with the device within “14 days” from the delivery date.

If your device warranty exceeds the given time limit, Zmobile Pakistan will not be responsible for any further claims. Additionally, if the customer wants any repairs done to the phone after the 14-day time period has ended, then they can approach any third-party or official service center that they trust.

Conditions Not Applicable for Warranty/ When a Warranty Claim Is Not Accepted:

There are certain conditions in which a warranty claim for your pre-owned mobile phone or any other device will not be accepted. These situations include the following: 

  • Physical damage to the device, such as cracked screens or other signs of abuse. 
  • Unauthorized modifications or repairs performed on the used mobile phone or any other device. 
  • Water damage to the smart device, whether caused by accidental submersion or exposure to moisture. 
  • The device is bent due to excessive force.
  • Unauthorized use of third-party software on the used phone (such as rooting and other modifications) that breach the terms of service. 
  • Normal wear and tear of the product. 
  • Accidental damage due to dropping or mishandling, such as broken parts, scratched screens, or burning. 
  • Excessive force is applied during use or when inserting/removing any components, e.g., SIM tray, charger, earphones, etc. 
  • The device has already gone through repairs before the claim (it will negate the warranty).

Things to Do Before Sending the Device for Warranty Claim:

It is important to follow these few steps when claiming a warranty on any device so that there is no inconvenience for both involved parties.

The steps that you need to follow are:

  • Make sure the pre-owned mobile phone or any other device is in its original packaging in which it was sent, and all the accessories (that came with the device) are included.
  • Take a backup of your data, such as contacts, messages, etc., onto your computer or other devices if possible. 
  • Wipe all of your personal information from the used smartphone, like photos, videos, music files, etc., before returning it for a warranty claim.
  • Ensures that the phone has no screen lock or any other type of lock on an app to avoid any unnecessary issues.
  • Verify that the device is not physically damaged and that all ports are working as they were when you first got the device.
  • Call up customer service to get the return material authorization (RMA) number, and make sure you include it with the device when sending it back.
  • After shipping the phone, keep a copy of the shipment documents and tracking details.
  • Make sure to follow up with customer service after sending the device to ensure your warranty claim is being processed promptly.