Cancellation Policy

The placed orders on Zmobiles Pakistan can be canceled before shipment. Once the device is shipped, the order cannot be canceled.

To cancel an order, simply reach out to the support team through our helpline number: +92 324 4945826 or our email address (zmobilepk100@gmail.com). 

It is to be noted that if an order is “partially or fully paid,” then the cancellation will result in auto processing of the refund. The refund will show up in the buyer’s account as a payment reversal and can take up to 10-15 working days, depending on bank processing times. This time frame cannot be decreased as this process depends on the financial institution.

Cancellation from the seller/vendor’s end:

Here is some important information about the cancellation of an order from both the seller and vendor end.

  1. The order can be canceled any time before the dispatch of the product at the vendor’s discretion in case the required product is not available/out of stock, or there’s a price change in the market due to uncertain economic conditions. However, the customer shall be informed over email and phone call regarding the cancellation.
  2. Orders to Shopkeepers/Wholesalers/Retailers will not be entertained and will be canceled without prior notification. This is done in accordance with our business-to-consumer model since some of our products will be sold at a lower price than you’ll see on the market. That is why we will ensure no bulk purchases are entertained. Only normal consumers will benefit from our prices.
  3. This also means that orders with multiple quantities indicating that a shopkeeper is purchasing will also be rejected automatically.