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Space Chargesync Jelly Lightning Cable CE-412-White-Brand New

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Charging Cable
Ejector Pin


Buy Space Chargesync Jelly Lightning Cable CE-412 in Pakistan

Space manufacturers have been making some of the best accessories for smart devices on the market. The devices they provide are so good that even Baseus is having issues keeping up with them. One of their main selling items is their charging cable, and believe me when I say that they released many series for them. One such series is the Jelly series, and for those looking for a good  for their iPhones 


It’s one of the best charging cables for your iPhone that you can buy. Even though the original Apple charging cable is, some of the best Space makes sure that you get the best device at reasonably low price points. This charging cable comes with a lighting connector pin which is compatible with all iPhones. You can also use this charging cable with a fast charging adapter to the charger to top up your iPhone quickly. This is because it can output a maximum current of 2.4 A.


The material used for the coating of the cable is silicon which is one of the most flexible materials for a charging cable. It also gives the cable some good durability that you won’t see anywhere else. The overall length of the cable is about 100 cm or 1 meter, which is ideal for most people because they don’t have to worry about damaging the cable.


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