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UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max-Black-Brand New

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Buy UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan

Ready to give your iPhone 14 Pro Max the VIP treatment it deserves? Introducing the UNIQ Nova Case, your ultimate style companion that’s about to revolutionize your phone game. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes this UNIQ case so unique:

UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max Ergonomic Design

UNIQ gets it; your mobile phone practically feels like an extension of your hand. That’s why they crafted the UNIQ Nova Case with an ergonomic design that snugly fits into your palm. No more accidental slips while snapping selfies or scrolling through cat memes. It’s like your iPhone got a personal spa day.

UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max Magnetic Mounts

Life’s too short for fumbling with your phone in the car. The Nova Case is compatible with magnetic mounts, turning your daily commute into a hands-free joyride. Just snap your iPhone onto the mount and hit the road; your mobile phone is your copilot now.

UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max Ultra-Slim & Sleek

The Nova Case boasts an ultra-slim grip design that’s so sleek you’ll forget it’s even there. With a width of only 2 mm, it’s like a second skin for your iPhone. A skin that’s so stylish, it’ll earn envious glances from others.

UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max Stand

Tired of holding your mobile phone for video calls and binge-watching sessions? This UNIQ case has got your back, literally. It turns into a stand, giving you the option of hands-free viewing. Whether it’s your favorite series, cooking tutorials, or virtual hangouts, this UNIQ Nova case turns your phone into a mini entertainment hub.

UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max AiroGroove™ Linear Defense

You know that feeling when your heart leaps into your throat as your iPhone takes a tumble? Fear not because this Nova Case comes armed with AiroGroove™ linear defense technology, ready to absorb shocks like a boss. 

UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max Drop Test

This UNIQ Case has undergone rigorous drop tests and emerged victorious, surviving falls from up to 8 feet. That’s right; your mobile phone can now boast a black belt in gravity defiance.

In conclusion, the UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max isn’t just a case – it’s a lifestyle upgrade. It wraps your phone in a blend of polycarbonate, polyurethane, and TPE shell. It delivers the perfect combo of style and substance. With amazing features like these, it’s easy to justify the UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max price in Pakistan.

So, why wait? Order this amazing UNIQ case from Wise Market Pakistan for the best price today. In addition to that, we have quite a few amazing accessories like chargers and wired earphones, so do check them out.


Here are some UNIQ Nova Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max FAQs.

1. What materials is the UNIQ Nova Case made of?

The UNIQ Nova Case is crafted using a combination of polycarbonate, polyurethane, and TPE shell materials. It ensures a durable and protective build for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

2. Is the case compatible with magnetic mounts?

Absolutely! The UNIQ Nova Case is designed to be compatible with magnetic mounts. This mount makes it convenient for hands-free navigation and other on-the-go activities.

3. How slim is the case?

The UNIQ Nova Case features an ultra-slim design with a width of only 2mm. It allows your iPhone to maintain its sleek profile while still providing reliable protection.

4. Does the case offer any hands-free viewing options?

Yes, it does! The Nova Case seamlessly transforms into a tabletop stand.

5. How well does the case protect against drops?

The UNIQ Nova Case incorporates AiroGroove™ linear defense technology. It enhances shock absorption and helps protect your iPhone 14 Pro Max from accidental drops.

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